The Colossus Consortium
is a world leading group of innovative entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers developing technology innovations allowing 50-100m class dedicated optical structures to be built with the resources now being allocated for general-purpose astronomical telescopes of significantly smaller aperture.

To develop the concept and enabling technology for the world-largest telescope Colossus capable to detect extrasolar life and extraterrestrial civilizations.

To balance the Colossus design against the probability of success with limited resources, time to completion, and the overall cost. To achieve these ingredients of a fundable design in a short time period.

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March 17-21, 2014: Search for Life beyond the Solar system, Conference in Tucson, where the Colossus project is presented to the community of exobiologists.

Jan 9, 2014, 9pm GMT: BBC Two Stargazing show with Dara O Briain and Prof. Brian Cox will discuss astronomy news and the Colossus telescope.

Oct 29, 2013: Meeting with Investors at Dynamic Structures Ltd,

Oct 2, 2013: Frank Drake of SETI supports the Colossus telescope

Sep 28, 2013: First steps of the Colossus at the Dynamic Structures Ltd, Canada