August 29, 2016: Finding life on Proxima b, Episode #1. Live Hangout with the PLANETS Foundation. Watch video

July 15, 2016: Communication with Alien Life: A public lecture by Dr. Svetlana Berdyugina. Watch video

June, 27-30, 2016: SPIE 2016: Advancements in the Colossus project are presented to the professional community of astronomers and engineers. (More)

April 15-16, 2016: The Colossus team has been invited to participate in the Breakthrough Prize Discuss Workshop and to contribute to the Breakthrough Initiatives Watch and StarShot. More...

August 20, 2015: A novel 100m resolution concept for an interferometric telescope: The Partially Filled Aperture Interferometric Telescope (ParFAIT) achieves 100m angular resolution with excellent contrast sensitivity for much less cost than the Colossus. ParFAIT

August 5, 2015: Is there life on the Alpha Centauri system? Colossus scientists have proposed a sensitive technique for detecting photosynthetic organisms in extrasolar planetary systems. Press release

July 20, 2015: Large private investment accelerates SETI: Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking Announce 100 Million Dollars Breakthrough Initiative to Dramatically Accelerate Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe. Breakthrough Initiative Listen

September 28, 2014: TEDxMaui: Are We Special? Searching for Life in the Universe, talk by Prof. Svetlana Berdyugina on prospects and efforts needed to find extraterrestrial life. See Youtube video.

June, 22-27, 2014: SPIE 2014: The Colossus project is presented to the professional community of astronomers and engineers. (More)

April 12, 2014: TEDxHonoluluED: Existential Education, Cosmic Intelligence, and the Colossus Project, talk by Jeff Kuhn on how the Colossus project can educate the humanity. (More) Watch video of the talk on Youtube

March 17-21, 2014: Search for Life beyond the Solar system, Conference in Tucson, where the Colossus project is presented to the community of exobiologists. (More)

Jan 9, 2014, 9pm GMT: BBC Two Stargazing show with Dara O Briain and Prof. Brian Cox will discuss astronomy news and the Colossus telescope.

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The Colossus Telescope
will be the world-largest optical and infrared telescope optimized for detecting extrasolar life and extraterrestrial civilizations.

The Colossus Consortium
is a group of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers that are establishing the technology that will allow a 50-100m class optical structure to be built with resources comparable to what is being allocated for planned general-purpose astronomical telescopes of aperture <40m.

To develop the concept and enabling technologies for the extraterrestrial life-seeking Colossus telescope.

To develop and demonstrate the technologies required to build a Colossus telescope.