Meeting with Investors at Dynamic Structures Ltd, October 29, 2013

The segments in the Colossus giant primary mirror require a new polishing technology. Conventional mirror polishing techniques with commonly used thick glass mirror segments would be too expensive (and slow) for building an optical system as large as Colossus. The key technologies that enable such large optics are owned by the Innovative Optics Ltd. company (IO) which has as its major partner Dynamic Structures Ltd. (DSL) near Vancouver Canada. In October investors and Innovative Optics founders gathered at DSL and IO headquarters in Port Coquitlam Britsh Colombia to learn how the deterministic polishing technology is being developed.

IO Founders:(right to left)
Peter Schulhof, Innovative Optics Ltd., Vancouver, Canada
Jeff Kuhn, Prof. Dr., Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, Colossus Project Leader
Craig Breckenridge, Dynamic Structures Ltd, Canada
David Halliday, Prof. (adj) UBC Civil Eng., Dynamic Structures Ltd, Canada
Svetlana Berdyugina, Prof. Dr., Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics, Freiburg, Germany
Dave Eicher, Editor Astronomy magazine, USA
Caisey Harlingten, Innovative Optics Ltd., Vancouver, Canada (not on the picture).

The Kuka company has provided an important ingredient -- the large orange colored robot seen in these images, coupled with a novel hydrodynamic glass polishing technology, will revolutionize large mirror optic polishing.